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Purification Batch Record for FR848-AV6HT.3-[SEM-R3,SEM-R4,SEM-R5]-GF

Purification ID: FR848-AV6HT.3-[SEM-R3,SEM-R4,SEM-R5]-GF Created: 03-06-2014 Modified: 03-06-2014
Expression ID: FR848-Av6HT.3-SeM-R3 Target ID: FR848 Source Tube ID:
Researchers: *Rong Xiao

Date Purified: 03-05-2014 Stored Purification Yield: (mg)
Calculated Purification Yield (Final Conc. * Final Vol.): 43.2 (mg)
Solubility of Purified Protein: Concentratable: (0-5)
Method: Superdex200 Process yield: 0 mg/L
Purifcation buffer: low salt Final buffer: low salt
Final concentration: 1.2 mg/mL Final volume: 36.0 mL

Oligomerization State: Monomer Determined by: Gel filtration
Link to Chromatogram Image: data/F/FR848/purification/FR848-Av6HT.3-[SeM-R3,SeM-R4,SeM-R5]-GF.chro.jpg
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