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Record ID: Created: 2018-04-26 Last Modified: N/A
Expression: HR2943B-7-139-15.1-NC5a Target: HR2943B Source tube ID:
Previous batch: HR2943B-7-139-15.1-NC5A-GF
Researchers: 1 (may be changed by editing record after it is created)

Date Purified: - - (MM-DD-YYYY) Purification Yield: mg
Solubility: mg/ml Concentratable:
Method: Process yield: mg/L
Purifcation buffer: [ add a new buffer to list ]
Final buffer:
Final concentration: mg/mL Final volume: mL

Oligomerization State: Determined by:
Protocol:  http://
SDS-PAGE image 1:   http://   [Upload]
SDS-PAGE image 2:   http://   [Upload]
Mass spectrum image:   http://   [Upload]
Chromatogram image:   http://   [Upload]
Purification Comments:

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Last modified 06-25-03