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Expression ID:OR128-29.1-SeMa
Construct ID:

protein 1 (46816848d2581f86ad567761c6135a71)
MW: 50.00 kD EXT: 78840.00 1/M cm @ 280nm pI: 4.48

Target IDOR128
Researchers:Sridharan Rajagopalan
Date Expressed:2011-06-01
Expression scalePreparative
Host StrainBL21 (DE3) + Magic
Expression MediaMJ9 SeMet
Expression Level-1 (scale 0-5)
Solubility-1 (scale 0-5)
Molecular Weight 50.14 kD
Growth Temperature37 °C
Induction Temperature15 °C
Pellet Location Not Available
Solubility Comments

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