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Investigator:Susan Taylor Lead protein purification group:none
Primary contact:none Lead spectroscopist:none
Project Lead crystallographer:none

Project descriptionPurify the complex using gel filtration and then send the purified complex to HWI for crystallization screening, If we are not successful in making a stable complex - we can try just mixing the protein and peptide and sending the mixture to HWI - but this would not be a good approach if we can make a stable complex with nM affinity. We also should check what percentage of the PKA RIb sample is disulfide bonded - and be sure we are working with homogeneous samples.

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   target id target         PDB homology status last record time since last record experimentalist
1. (7) (8/14) HR8613A PRKAR1B  X-Ray structure2013-08-09 purification [2.4 mg]4 years, 15 days
2. (0) (0/0) HR8613 PRKAR1B  selected2011-09-29 target created5 years, 12 months, 0 days
3. (0) (0/0) HX9283  selected2013-01-18 target created4 years, 8 days
4. (0) (0/0) OR405 C12H2orf88  selected2013-01-18 target created4 years, 8 days