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Protein Sample Tubes

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RhR5.006 parent PST record: rhr5.005
target record [RhR5]
construct record [RhR5-21.3]
expression record [RhR5-21.3-NC5c]
purification record [RhR5-21.3-NC5c-GF]

Proteus 2.0 ( access )

PST label: RhR5-1-92-6xHis
Current location: UGA
PST buffer: NMR buffer 6.5 - 0.02 % NaN3 10 mM DTT 5 mM CaCL2 100 mM NaCL 1 x Proteinase Inhibitors 20 mM MES pH 6.5 10 % D2O 50 uM DSS
PST volume: 0.5 mL
PST protein concentration: 1.10 mM
PST tube format: 1.7mL Eppendorf
PST Biotinylated: No

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Last shipment sent to:   UGA ( 2007-01-16 )

Sequence   (purification tags are colored blue)

Sequence stats ( 100 residues )
Met: 2 Gly: 4 Cys: 0 Pro: 4 Asn: 0
Ile: 3 Leu: 12 Val: 9 Trp: 2 Gln: 3

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