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RDC record
  Record id: hr7784a.012.Poly_Acrylamide_Gel.NH.RDC
  Record created: 2013-01-17 15:27:39
  Target id: HR7784A
  PST id: hr7784a.012
  Alignment media: Poly Acrylamide Gel
  Aligned: Y
  Alignment data: NH
  Comments: Data attached is J-modulation HSQC for Hr8910c aligned in Positively Charged Compressed Poly Acrylamide Gel. The RDC table includes the error in the RDC measurement and the R2 and error in the R2 measurement. The data processing instructions are in the README file.

  Available data sets:

( fids )     ( RDC tables )     ( peak lists )