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HC02   (TLR2)

database refs UniProt: O60603 (TLR2_HUMAN)   |   HUGO: TLR2   |   NCBI gene: 7097   |   refSeq: NP_003255.2
status X-Ray structure
structures 1FYW (Xray)  
properties length: 149 aa   |   mass: 17.87 kD   |   pI: 5.95   |   ext: 34950   |   organism: Homo sapiens
classes PSI-1, Biomedical: Cancer BioNet, PSI-Biology
projects HCPIN    
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informatics Prof PHD data   |   DISOPRED2 data   |   Pxs: 0.354   |   Zn binding sites: no sites identified. CH type (data) CHDE type (data)
domain signaturesMOTIF:ATG16L1-binding motif details   DOMAIN:LRRCT details   SITE:Interaction with bacterial lipopeptide details details   TRANSMEM:Helical; (Potential) details   PF01582 details   SIGNAL:Potential details   52200 details   DOMAIN:TIR details  
subsequence details   ie 100-200    
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Domain and UniProt Features
    UniProt SIGNAL:Potential
    {ECO:0000255} domain_number-1
    SuperFamily 52200
    PFAM PF01582
    {ECO:0000269|PubMed:17889651} domain_number-1
    Interaction with bacterial lipopeptide domain_number-1
    UniProt SITE:Interaction with bacterial lipopeptide
    {ECO:0000269|PubMed:17889651} domain_number-2
    {ECO:0000269|PubMed:17889651} domain_number-3
    LRRCT domain_number-1
    Helical. {ECO:0000255} domain_number-1
    UniProt TRANSMEM:Helical; (Potential)
    UniProt DOMAIN:TIR
    TIR. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-1
    ATG16L1-binding motif domain_number-1
    UniProt MOTIF:ATG16L1-binding motif


       PDB seq homology

Constructs and Most Advanced Status

most recent record
16 years, 14 days ago --     target created

2002-01-15    target: HC02
1999-03-25    construct: HC02
1999-06-01    expression [ 4, 4 ] : HC02
2000-01-01    purification [0.0 mg]: HC02
2000-10-03     X-Ray structure: 1fyw (PDB)