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HR5601B   (ALKBH8)

3 targets assoicated with this target.

database refs UniProt: Q96BT7 (ALKB8_HUMAN)   |   HUGO: ALKBH8   |   NCBI gene: 91801   |   refSeq: NP_620130.2
status X-Ray structure
structures 3THT (Xray)   3THP (Xray)  
properties length: 331 aa   |   mass: 37.51 kD   |   pI: 6.61   |   ext: 38390   |   organism: Homo sapiens
classes PSI-2, Community Outreach, MEGA, NESG-BIG-STRUCTURE, PSI-Biology, Epigenetics: List B
projects EPI list B     PSI:Biology Partner - EpiG    
best PDB match calculating ...
informatics Zn binding sites: no sites identified. CH type (data) CHDE type (data)
domain signatures51197 details details   BIG_205 details   METAL:Iron; catalytic (By similarity) details   DOMAIN:Fe2OG dioxygenase details   PF13532 details   DOMAIN:RRM details  
subsequence details   ie 100-200    
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Domain and UniProt Features
    UniProt DOMAIN:RRM
    RRM domain_number-1
    SuperFamily 51197
    PFAM PF13532
    BIG BIG_205
    Fe2OG dioxygenase. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-1
    UniProt DOMAIN:Fe2OG dioxygenase
    Iron; catalytic. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-1
    Iron; catalytic. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-2
    Zinc; via pros nitrogen domain_number-1
    UniProt METAL:Iron; catalytic (By similarity)
    Iron; catalytic. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-3
    Binding - Alpha-ketoglutarate domain_number-1
    Binding - Alpha-ketoglutarate domain_number-2
    Zinc. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:22065580} domain_number-1
    Zinc. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:22065580} domain_number-2
    Zinc. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:22065580} domain_number-3

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Constructs and Most Advanced Status



most recent record
6 years, 5 days ago --     X-Ray structure: 3tht; X-Ray structure: 3thp

2010-07-16    target: HR5601B
2010-07-01    construct: HR5601B-21.1
0002-07-01    expression [ -1, -1 ] : HR5601B-21.1-SeMa
2010-07-16    purification [0.0 mg]: HR5601B-21.1-SeMa-GF
2010-07-17     HR5601B.001 @ Rutgers; 0.46 ml at 10.2 mg/mL
2011-08-19     X-Ray structure: 3tht (PDB)
2011-08-19     X-Ray structure: 3thp (PDB)
2010-08-05    construct: HR5601B-28-350-21.2
2010-08-10    expression [ -1, -1 ] : HR5601B-28-350-21.1-Lba
2010-08-10    purification [2.6 mg]: HR5601B-28-350-21.1-Lba-GF
2010-08-10     HR5601B.002 @ Rutgers; 0.46 ml at 5.6 mg/mL
2010-08-05    construct: HR5601B-28-352-21.3
2010-08-10    expression [ -1, -1 ] : HR5601B-28-352-21.3-Lba
2010-08-10    purification [2.6 mg]: HR5601B-28-352-21.3-Lba-GF
2010-08-10     HR5601B.003 @ Rutgers; 0.46 ml at 5.6 mg/mL

Available samples:

LB samples
HR5601B.003 @ Rutgers HR5601B.002 @ Rutgers

SeMet samples
HR5601B.001 @ Rutgers