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HR8546A   (LMNB2)

1 targets assoicated with this target.

database refs UniProt: Q03252 (LMNB2_HUMAN)   |   HUGO: LMNB2   |   NCBI gene: 84823   |   refSeq: NP_116126.2
status NMR structure
structures 2LLL (NMR)  
properties length: 121 aa   |   mass: 13.26 kD   |   pI: 6.56   |   ext: 24980   |   organism: Homo sapiens
classes Biomedical: Cancer BioNet, PSI-Biology, Epigenetics: List B
projects EPI list B     PSI:Biology Partner - EpiG     HCPIN    
best PDB match calculating ...
informatics Zn binding sites: no sites identified. CH type (data) CHDE type (data)
domain signatures2.60.40.1260 details   74853 details   PF00932 details  
subsequence details   ie 100-200    
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Domain and UniProt Features
    PFAM PF00038
    IF rod. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-1
    SuperFamily 74853
    UniProt MOTIF:Nuclear localization signal (Potential)
    Nuclear localization signal domain_number-1
    LTD. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- domain_number-1
    UniProt PROPEP:Removed in mature form (By similarity). /FTId=PRO_0000403470
    Removed in mature form. {ECO:0000250} domain_number-1

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Constructs and Most Advanced Status

most recent record
6 years, 11 days ago --     NMR structure: 2lll

2011-08-22    target: HR8546A
2011-10-17    construct: 64986
2011-10-17    expression [ 5, 5 ] : hr8546a-toronto-61216-expression
2011-10-17    purification [0.0 mg]: hr8546a-toronto-61216-purification
    HR8546A.001 @ Rutgers; 0.3 ml at 1 mg/mL
2011-11-11     NMR structure: 2lll (PDB)
2011-10-17    HSQC [good]: hr8546a-toronto-8652-hsqc
2011-10-17    HSQC [good]: hr8546a-toronto-8648-hsqc
2011-07-17    HSQC [good]: hr8546a-toronto-8650-hsqc
2011-10-17    HSQC [good]: hr8546a-toronto-8653-hsqc
2011-10-17    HSQC [good]: hr8546a-toronto-8644-hsqc

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HR8546A.001 @ Rutgers