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OR61   (1EUS_1)

database refs UniProt: Unknown_5067 (Unknown_5067)
status X-Ray structure    work stopped (2013-07-25; target work stopped by D. Baker)
structures 4J9T (Xray)  
properties length: 367 aa   |   mass: 38.92 kD   |   pI: 5.98   |   ext: 59360   |   organism: Other
classes Community Outreach, D. Baker, PSI-Biology
projects UAA Metal Binding     Community Outreach     D Baker projects     Design projects    
best PDB match calculating ...
informatics Zn binding sites: no sites identified. CH type (data) CHDE type (data)
domain signaturesPF13088 details details   50939 details  
commentsdetermine apo and diketone inhibitor bound complex structures
subsequence details   ie 100-200    
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Domain and UniProt Features
    SuperFamily 50939
    PFAM PF13088


       PDB seq homology

Constructs and Most Advanced Status

most recent record
7 years, 6 days ago --     construct: OR61-29.1

2011-01-07    target: OR61     work stopped (2013-07-25; target work stopped by D. Baker)
2011-01-15    construct: OR61-29.1
   expression [ 5, 5 ] : OR61-29.1-UNK
   purification [10.0 mg]: OR61-29.1-UNK-UNK
    OR61.001 @ Columbia; 2 ml at 5 mg/mL
    X-Ray structure: 4j9t (PDB)

Available samples:

Labeling not defined samples
OR61.001 @ Columbia